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The Offset Barbecue

Went out and enjoyed some amazing food today from The Offset BBQ. They were set up at Towne Park Brewery in Anaheim again. I think this was the 4th time I have eaten BBQ from them and it is always a pleasure. Best in Orange County! See my Yelp review for more details(link below). I brought out my camera today to snap a few photos of the new smoker trailer and the beef rib I got for lunch. Once again extremely satisfied with the food!

The bone in this rib is about 12-14 inches long and there was at least a pound of meat on it! Extremely moist tender beef!

Here is a shot of the new smoker trailer next to the tent set up.

And more views of the badass smoker trailer!

Made out of old propane tanks on a welded steel frame/chassis. Has a bar to lock the doors down with for travel or security. Heavy duty and high capacity!

The firebox at the back has a built in blacktop/griddle on top of it too.

Here are a couple brisket sandwiches being plated up by Alex.

If you are in Orange county, and love real deal quality barbecue, you must check out The Offset Barbecue! Currently they are set up at Towne Park Brewery in Anaheim on most Sundays from 1-7pm

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